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On this web site you can search titles and abstracts for any or all of Ray's academic papers and other publications.
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If you choose this option, it will confine your search to a selection of 100 papers chosen specially by Ray. Your search will be against titles and detailed abstracts and, if you have signed the Guest Book, you will be able to view full PDF copies of any of the matched papers.
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With this option, you can search titles and abstracts of all 313 of Ray's publications including all papers, books, book chapers and conference proceedings. For some publications (those not in the selected 100) you will only be able to see abstracts.
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You can also search just titles or authors. If you choose one of these options, your search will be against all 313 publications. Ray has published with over 100 different co-authors and you can see a complete list of these in the Browse Papers section.
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